Academy of Art University, Digital Art Instructor. One Thumb Mobile, Lead Environment Artist. Gazillion Entertainment, Senior 3D Artist. Trion, Senior Environment Artist. Perpetual Entertainment, Senior 3D Artist. Blizzard Entertainment, 3D Artist. EasyFun Entertainment, Art Asset Deployment Consultant. Honeywell, Design Director. Toyota, Senior Creative Consultant.  Toshiba, Interactive Project Director. Mazda, Designer. BMG Healthcare Communications, Senior Designer. FMJ Communications, Interactive Designer. Shoei, Interactive Designer. Pacific Technology Solutions, Designer.  Cinemotion, Animator.


  • Able and skilled to facilitate projects and foster communications as the primary client liaison for multimedia projects.
  • Comfortable working with multiple vendor / agency environments, and collaborating with both small and large teams.
  • Able and skilled to guide, collaborate and communicate with teams on all levels from pre-production through launch.
  • Ability to instruct, mentor and lead junior staff and students through the creative and production process of various projects.
  • Broad and deep experience with problem solving and troubleshooting development related issues (including system transitions, flowcharts, functionality, modular environmental construction, and customer/client management).
  • Goal oriented and driven to set and render high standards.
  • Take charge of a team of any size and provide leadership and encouragement without the ‘Type A’ personality.

2012 – PRESENT

Academy of Art University, Digital Art Instructor

  • Developed and implemented engaging, and effective lessons in all subject areas in regards to digital painting, texture design, environmental design for the video game industry, and modular environmental construction.
  • Worked with other teachers and professionals to create effective lessons that met the learning needs and abilities of all students.

2009 – PRESENT

Freelance 2D/3D artist.  Clients and Projects include;

One Thumb Mobile, Lead Environment Artist
  • Concept, layout design, texturing, prop creation and placement for the mobile MMO ‘Celtic Heroes.’
  • Create AAA quality environments within a constraining and limiting game engine.
  • Develop the look and feel of various zones, environments and props.
  • Encourage and mentor the junior staff.
  • Provide guidance, documentation, and clear communication between various team members.
Ubisoft, Senior 3D Artist
  • Creation of 2D and 3D assets for the title ‘Rocksmith.’
  • Collaborated with UI designers and producers to help bring the interface to life.
  • Troubleshoot art assets that were not up to par from outsourcing.
Yumby, 2D Artist
  • Help create various 2D art assets for the mobile game ‘Yumbie Toss.’

2008 – 2009

Gazillion Entertainment, Senior 3D Artist

  • Contributed 3D content to a stylized MMO in the form of modeling, texture creation, and UV mapping.
  • 3D content included props, architecture, and foliage.
  • Created assets on various levels, from concept to prototype to production.
  • Mentor the junior staff.
  • Texture creation includes the use of diffuse, specular, emissive and normal maps for use with various shaders and effects.
  • Worked closely with  Designers, Art Director and Concept Lead to create complex quest driven game assets.
  • Help pioneer the texture creation workflow and process.
  • knowledge of the model and world editors.
  • Aided in the creation of art path and best modeling practices documentation.

2007 – 2008

Trion, Senior Environment Artist

  • Contributed 3D content to the MMORPG RIFT™ in the form of environment construction, modeling, texture creation, and UV mapping.
  • Worked closely with game designers to create exterior environments including props, architecture and texture creation.
  • Help mentor the junior staff.
  • Help establish the foundation of the artwork folder structure and file naming convention and asset organization.
  • Worked closely with the engineers to help streamline the production process from the art department to the game engine.

2006 – 2007

Perpetual Entertainment, Senior 3D Artist

  • Contributed 3D content to the MMORPG Star Trek Online in the form of modeling, texture creation, and UV mapping.
  • Scope of work included creating the pipeline for modular building construction, LODs, multi-shaders.
  • textures and exploring the surface transfer process.
  • Texture creation includes use of diffuse, specular, self illumination and normal maps for use with various shaders and effects.
  • Helped develop folder structure and naming conventions for prop assets.
  • Aided in the creation of art documentation.
  • Worked closely with game Designers, Art Director and Concept Lead to create complex game assets.

2001 – 2006

Blizzard Entertainment, 3D Artist

  • Contributed 3D and 2D content to the MMORPG World Of Warcraft in the form of low poly modeling, texture creation, UV mapping, bug fixing, model clean up, minor prop animation and FX.
  • Aided in the creation of art documentation and style guides.
  • Help mentor the junior staff.
  • Worked closely with game Designers, Art Director and Concept Lead to create complex game assets.
  • participated in the testing of Diablo 2 Expansion and Warcraft 3. Duties included checking existing bugs, functionality of random item properties, graphical integrity and network stability.


EasyFun Entertainment, Art Asset Deployment Consultant

  • Spent several weeks with Easy Fun Entertainment to help expedite their folder structure process, naming convention, and art asset management process for the MMORPG Holy Beast Online.


Honeywell, Design Director

  • Collaborate with producers and regional managers to design and produce a sales and e-catalog application for Honeywell’s environment product and services used for trade shows.
  • Achieved a personal goal of being able to navigate the application to any product, service or item (catalog contained over 2500) within 4 clicks using a very intuitive customized UI design.
  • Authored flowchart design,  total organization of product images and specifications.

Toyota, Senior Creative Consultant

  • Collaborate with producers and lead sales team to create a CD ROM based educational package for Toyota’s sales training (2000 launch for Toyota Echo, Avalon and Celica).
  • Created an intuitive UI design to navigate easily to any portion of the application.
  • Edited and processed videos used in the application.
  • Designed CD ROM labels and jackets.

 Toshiba, Interactive Project Director

  • Collaborated with regional sales director and head marketing director to produce a CD ROM and web based package highlighting the 2001 family of Toshiba laptops and portable computers.
  • Created and execute an intuitive UI design to easily navigate to any point of the application within 3 clicks.
  • Managed a small team of programmers and designers.
  • Provided fluid communication between various involved parties.
  • Delivered the project ahead of schedule and under budget.

Mazda, Designer

  • Provided design services and asset constructions for Mazda’s 2001 US website.
  • Facilitated clear communication and design documentation between various parties.
  • Provided artistic mentor ship for the junior staff.

BMG Healthcare Communications, Senior Designer

  • Collaborated with art director and marketing director to plan, design and deliver a fully interactive website for 2000
  • Provided artistic mentor ship for junior staff and designers.
  • Delivery of a fully functional flash website that provided an atmosphere of uniqueness and eloquence.

FMJ Communications, Interactive Designer

  • Collaborated with art director, senior artists and production manager to plan, design and deliver FMJ’s 2000 edition of their interactive website.
  • Duties included asset creation, interactive programming, graphic design and troubleshooting.

Shoei, Interactive Designer

  • Collaborated with art director, senior artists and production manager to plan, design and deliver Shoei’s 2000 edition of their interactive website.
  • Duties included asset creation, interactive programming, graphic design and troubleshooting.

Pacific Technology Solutions, Designer

  • Collaborated with art director, senior artists and production manager to plan, design and deliver various web based and CD ROM based projects for remote instruction and training.
  • Duties included asset creation, interactive programming, quality assurance, and troubleshooting.


Cinemotion, Animator

  • Duties included scanning, coloring, compiling and creating in-between images for various projects
  • Clients included PBS Sesame Street, Philadelphia Convention Center and Department of Health.


“Jamin is a great artist who really made the project we worked together on come to life. The imagination and quality that went into our project was amazing.”

Mark SottilaroUI Designer, Slipgate Ironworks, Gazillion Entertainment

“Jamin is a hard working machine. He has a constant motor that keeps turning out great textures and models. A good man and always willing to lend a hand in any situation. He’s an individual who gave a demo to the art studio on process and texture painting just because he knew it would help. I enjoyed my time with Jamin and I plan on seeing many more objects, environments, and beautiful textures from him in all the games I play.”

Brett BeanConcept Artist, Slipgate Ironworks Gazillion Entertainment

“Jamin is a very talented artist, when he paints the quality of work he produces is top notch. I think we all learned quite a bit from his craftsmen ship.  Jamin is very straight forward and honest, always ready to help and happy to teach tips and tricks to get the best painted textures done. That said his talent goes beyond the world of 3d art, his love and understanding of photography made me appreciate him even more.  Jamin’s capabilities will always make him stand out in the crowd, any team with Jamin will be a much stronger team. I hope I get to work with him again in the near future.”

Emilio D’ErricoLead environment Artist, Gazillion Entertainment

“Jamin is an excellent artist and problem solver. During the production of Star Trek Online, Jamin was consistently delivering high-quality game environment art that was both aesthetically pleasing and technically sound. I would definitely welcome the opportunity to work with Jamin again.”

Greg LemonSenior Animator – Star Trek Online / Gods and Heroes, Perpetual Entertainment

“Jamin was great artist for 3D art in game also included world design.and he is very well known NexGen game processing.he is very nice artist to taking style for developing art looking for game.”

SunJin Leesenior character artist, perpetual entertainment

“Jamin worked very closely with me on developing the modeling pipelines while at Perpetual. His work was always top notch and I miss him already.”

Michael KaczmarekSenior Environmental/Prop Artist, Perpetual Entertainment

“Jamin is a very passionate person who puts a lot of love and energy into his profession. I was sad to see him depart Blizzard but I know he will bring a lot of experience and drive to wherever he wants to work. What can I say except he’s a great guy and a great asset to any team lucky enough to get him.”

Edward HanesLevel Designer, Blizzard Entertainment

“Jamin is an excellent artist and skilled at creating complicated textures, environments and 3d models. He is dedicated, hardworking, and team oriented. I wholeheartedly recommend Jamin based on his attitude and work ethic.”

Robert Sevilla3D Artist, Blizzard Entertainment

“Jamin is an extremely helpful colleague who will go out of his way to make sure anyone who needs help gets it. He is very intuitive when it comes to recognizing what needs to get done and making sure it gets done. He’s a great mentor and is very passionate about what ever he puts his mind to.”

Tiffany Sirignano-Sheets3D Artist, Blizzard Entertainment

“I worked with Jamin while he was a tester in the Quality Assurance department. Jamin was a tireless worker that always put in the extra effort to ensure his work was complete and of the highest quality. Shortly after that Jamin was promoted to a 3D artist and the art that I saw coming from him looked sweet. I would certainly recommend Jamin as a solid employee for any company.”

Mark MoserQuality Assurance Compatability Supervisor, Blizzard Entertainment